a destruction

A struggle — Anna Malgina photography

I have never had a house. 

A struggle — Anna Malgina photography

Before I've started to photograph it.


raking up

the material 

A struggle — Anna Malgina photography
A struggle — Anna Malgina photography

The process of appropriation

House as a combination of the objects and processes. The objects start to dialog with me and with each other. The process of appropriation has continued to gather momentum. A gaze position is disappearing. My integration is ongoing.

The process of (r) adaptation

Photography is the result of the photographer’s actions and documentation of the action. Cyclic action is infinite. Infinity has no beginning and end, actions have no beginning and end. Photography is evidence of presence and evidence of belonging, it’s an evidence of a struggle and not belonging. Repeated testimony. With repetition comes to experience. With experience comes security. With security comes a sense of home, or not.

The current project is based on my personal experience and history of a house and it takes on the appropriation of space inside the family. It was inspired by the preoccupation of being a migrant and about changing the house of living and the integration.

Photography is a construction for me. Photography is a result of a relationship and a way to relate. By raking up and constructing a house where I live, by searching through the archives and shelves, by using photography, all forms of photography (found material, scanning, photoshop). I construct my house in unreal fiction world and use it as evidence for reality. Unsuccessfully.

A struggle — Anna Malgina photography