Educated as a film historian and worked as a film archivist early on, later I proceeded to develop my interest in cinema through analog photography and culture studies. For a couple of years, I’ve been working with the topics of memory, history, archive, film aesthetics, and gestures, mainly in the context of the 60s, that’s why I am using analog techniques and make some experiments with archive materials by combining my texts about film history with found archive.  Since I moved to Italy and had a painful emigration experience I am exploring migration and adaptation topics by making experimental videos and photographic performances.


2020 — Nominee of International Photography Grant TALENTS OF THE YEAR 2020 (A poisoned dress)



  • 2021, course 'More than a show', curated by Jana Romanova and Maria Morina
  • 2020, course “More than a project”, curated by Jana Romanova and Maria Morina
  • 2020, Group of changes, FotoDepartment Foundation, curated by Nadya Sheremetova and Yury Gudkov
  • 2019, 2−4 May, Parallel Masterclass with Marina Paulenka (founder and artistic director of Organ Vida — International Photography Festival and Organ Vida Photography Organization and an Artistic director at Unseen Platform).
  • 2019, March-July, Educational program of FotoDepartment Foundation, course curated by Nadya Sheremetova “Photography and new nishes” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2018/2019 The School of Modern Photography “Docdocdoc”, course “Experiences of Contemporary Photography. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2017/2018 Educational program of FotoDepartament Foundation “Photography as a research” course curated by Nadya Sheremetova “Photography on the Edge” (St. Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2011/2014 European University at St. Petersburg, Art History department (St. Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2008/2013 St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, Film Study (St. Petersburg, Russia).


2020, March 1-10 — Personal exhibition at Longdistance gallery — online 

2017 — Flashback (Zoom Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia).

2016 — Flashback (Zoom Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia)

2015 — Budet/it will be (Art-center Praxis, Sochi, Central house of the Artists, Moscow, Russia).

2015 — Delicati Sogni (Cafe Martelli, Pordenone, Italy).

2015 — Flashback (Zoom Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia).

group exhibitions

HIDE-AND-SEEK Exhibition, Pordenone, Italy — watch — 2020

Eating Emotions, Openstudio Progettoborca, Colonia dell’ex Villaggio Eni di Corte di Cadore, Borca di Cadore, October 18−20, 2019

Parallel Masterclass with Marina Paulenka Final exhibition, Modena, Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, May 4 —18, 2019

Festival of contemporary photography Presence, St. Petersburg, Berthold Center, October 5 — 15, 2018

Supernova festival, Moscow, 5−6 november 2015

Video-art — Cocteau/Metro Praxis, Sochi, 25.09 — 25.10 / 2015

Flacon-design WeCreate, Moscow 4.12. 2014


Frames of Hope — social photography laboratory at FABRICA, Treviso, April 24-27, 2020

Bodymind Operating System ∞OS: The “Eightos” of Confluence [Immersive Practice], V-A-C Foundation, Venice, July 12−14, 2019

A workshop of making a photobook with Elena Kholkina, Docdocdoc, St. Petersburg, August 18−22, 2019

The City Is Cracked Media Workshop with Paolo Patelli, V-A-C Foundation, Venice, September 6−8, 2019

Prometheus_workshop — Cibo e percezione degli spazi, Borca di Cadore, Settembre 14−15, 2019


The Calvert Journal: Hey brother: how Skype and analogue photography fused a long-distance sibling bond 

GUP about STAYATHOME photography 

collaborations — a photographic conversation with Jonas Berndt

articles  Project mobilization 1, 2, 3


Cassis Art Residence (November 2018)