Anna Malgina was born in Sochi in 1989. She is a graduate specialist in film studies and a Master of Arts. Initially, Anna addresses the issues of film history aesthetics and cinematographic touch in photography. Currently, Anna has expanded her interests, artistically considering topics of alternative scenarios of the past, memories by using archives and analog photography. Since she moved to Italy she is developing migration and adaptation topics.

Anna lives and works in Pordenone (Italy).


  • 2019, 2−4 May, Parallel Masterclass with Marina Paulenka (founder and artistic director of Organ Vida — International Photography Festival and Organ Vida Photography Organization and an Artistic director at Unseen Platform).
  • 2019, March-July, Educational program of FotoDepartment Foundation, course curated by Nadya Sheremetova «Photography and new nishes» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2018/2019 The School of Modern Photography «Docdocdoc», course «Experiences of Contemporary Photography. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2017/2018 Educational program of FotoDepartament Foundation «Photography as a research» course curated by Nadya Sheremetova «Photography on the Edge» (St. Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2011/2014 European University at St. Petersburg, Art History department (St. Petersburg, Russia).
  • 2008/2013 St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, Film Study (St. Petersburg, Russia).


2017 — Flashback (Zoom Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia).

2016 — Flashback (Zoom Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia)

2015 — Budet/it will be (Art-center Praxis, Sochi, Central house of the Artists, Moscow, Russia).

2015 — Delicati Sogni (Cafe Martelli, Pordenone, Italy).

2015 — Flashback (Zoom Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia).

group exhibitions

Parallel Masterclass with Marina Paulenka Final exhibition, Modena, Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, May 4 —18, 2019

Festival of contemporary photography Presence, St. Petersburg, Berthold Center, October 5 — 15, 2018

Supernova festival, Moscow, 5−6 november 2015

Video-art — Cocteau/Metro Praxis, Sochi, 25.09 — 25.10 / 2015

Flacon-design WeCreate, Moscow 4.12. 2014


Bodymind Operating System ∞OS: The «Eightos» of Confluence [Immersive Practice], V-A-C Foundation, Venice, July 12−14, 2019

A workshop of making a photobook with Elena Kholkina, Docdocdoc, St. Petersburg, August 18−22, 2019

The City Is Cracked Media Workshop with Paolo Patelli, V-A-C Foundation, Venice, September 6−8, 2019


Cassis Art Residence (November 2018)

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