Liza Premiyak from Calvert Journal about the project: 

“Anna Malgina’s series Reconnection started on film, which is why it stands out from many other webcam-inspired photo stories. The protagonist is her younger brother, who lives in Sochi, on Russia’s Black Sea coast, where Malgina herself was born. After studying cinematic history in St Petersburg, then working at a film archive in Moscow, the photographer moved to Pordenone in northern Italy, an hour’s drive from Venice, where she now lives with her husband and son. “I had always wanted to dedicate a project to my younger brother, ” she explains. “We have a 15-year age gap between us. Since I moved away from home so long ago, I’ve missed out on watching him grow up.” For the photographer and her brother, the photo story panned out as an exchange: Malgina taught her brother about photography; he, in turn, opened up to her. “He stopped being so shy, and started taking an interest in photography. Now, he understands the basics — how to frame a shot, and how to find the best light. During these shoots, he started sharing with me things we’d never spoken about before: about his friendships, his relationship, his future, and politics. We are closer than ever.”